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Sage One Explained; What exactly is 'the cloud'?

Sage One is cloud based software. Cloud based simply means that the software and data that you use runs on someone else's computers and you access it via your web browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone. It's called 'the cloud' because when people have drawn diagrams to show how computer systems work they have always used a cloud to depict 'somewhere else'.

If you are unsure on whether you would be best served by Sage one or the more 'traditional' approach of Sage 50 installed on your computers contact us and we can help you decide.

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Available in two versions depending on the needs of your business. Just £6 per month for Sage One Start or £20 per month for Sage One Accounting. If you decide to keep using it after your free trial both products offer a 50% discount for the first three months.

Advantages of Sage One

  • The software is always up to date. No more upgrades on your computer, and take advantages of new features as soon as they are available.
  • Access from anywhere that you have an Internet connection. Sage One is also smartphone friendly. Managing your accounts on the go is quick and easy,
  • Access directly from your Apple Macintosh computer. Historically Sage has only run on Windows so if you use a Mac for your business then you have needed a separate PC or needed to run Reflections or Bootcamp to allow it to run on your Mac.
  • Give access to your system to anyone that needs it. For example you could provide your accountant with access and they can get what they need when they need it without you needing to spend time with sending them data.
  • Your data is being stored and backed up in professionally run data centres. Some may consider this a drawback as it is out of their control, whilst others take the view that these data centres and the people that run them are far more resilient than their own setup.

Points to consider with Sage One

  • The most obvious disadvantage is no Internet, no Sage. This is a decreasing risk as time goes by as connections become more reliable, and with the option of accessing via your smart phone you need to weigh up the advantages over what you think are the chances of being without Internet across all of your devices.
  • Data and Software is out of your control. Although your system is being looked after by people who are, lets face it, probably much better at it than you, having it out of reach remains a concern for some.
  • Your business may have some specific requirements that are not met by Sage One. However the product is being constantly updated and Sage listen to their customers and are quick to plug the 'if only it did x' gaps.

Sage One Start or Sage One Accounting?

Sage One is available in two levels depending on the needs of your business. Sage One Start gives the basics at a very competitive £6 a month. Generate invoices, chase money owed, connect directly to your bank, essential reports including profit & loss, balance sheet and trial balance - and take care of VAT by calculating and submitting via the HMRC gateway. Note that Sage One Start only provides access to a single user. Click here to start your free trial of Sage One Start


Sage One Accounts includes all of the functions of Sage One Start plus many other features such as multiple users, companies, and currencies. Generate quotes & estimates, record purchase invoices and more. £20 per month after trial. Click here to start your free trial of Sage One Accounting

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